Zombies in Leeds

By robs / January, 20, 2013 / 2 comments

That’s right, zombies are coming to Leeds in my new trailer “Keep Calm and Kill Zombies”, a silly little film about the mind numbingly undead freak shows that eat the flesh of the living to stay alive, “oh no not another zombie film I hear you cry”, but yes it is, they’re fun to watch, great fun to shoot and easy to write. 🙂

Shot & cut by yours truly, visual effects by me too, hell I might as well direct it too, oh wait…….I am….it’s going to be fun and silly like all zombie films are, except 28 days later, however that wasn’t a zombie film it was a virus that infected people, you ask people, name a Zombie film and some people say 28 Days Later, it’s not one. FACT!

So keep calm, stock up on guns, ammo and tinned meat, fruit and veg and pray you stay alive when the infestation takes over. Kenny Wilson I know you’ll be safe! but will the rest of us?

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  • Natalie laws

    Hey Rob, good luck with the film. I often look like the living dead if you’re looking for extras!

  • Edward McConville

    Looks interesting! When do we get to see the finished product?? 🙂

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