Jack Daniels: How I did this Shot

By robs / August, 19, 2012 / 0 comments

I set up the shot with with a blue towel over a box and pinned it up on my wall to giveĀ  dark background for when I dropped an ice cube in, I then set the glass on the box. I set the light just above and to the right of the glass. I set my 430EX MK2 flashgun to bounce from the ceiling. This took a bit of practice to accomplish this shot but I eventually got what I wanted. The hardest part was to drop the ice cube in and click the shutter in time of the drop. I would have set my camera to continous shoot but the flash didn’t refresh in time. Overall this took approx 20-30 mins to set everything up and take the photo. I’m pleased with the result!


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